I can‘t remember when I started painting. I grew up with art, mainly because I grew up in an artistic family. Therefore painting and art was natural in my life. So it feels like, that I was born as an artist, but it required some time and courage to consciously embrace that. However, I also worked as a graphic designer and interior designer, besides that I graduated at a distance learning program for photography and deepened my love for ceramics based on several training courses and working frequently in a ceramic workshop. I‘m fascinated by many different materials and it always tempts me to express my creativity in various ways. I realized that the best way to unfold my full potential is to work as an freelance artist. So, I started this adventure in 2015. Now I work from my studio in Berlin. Originally I come from the Rhineland, the beautiful city called Bonn. After a short trip to Berlin in 2015, I fell head over heels in love with this place and without further ado I bought a house with a big garden and moved just a couple of months later into this extraordinarily city. I’m thankful and enjoy the little things in life. That starts with eating self-made ice-cream in front of my fireplace, or listen to my favorite music while relaxing in nature, driving with my beach-cruiser to nice spots in Berlin, or find some new inspirations in different places of this city, new artist and exhibitions.




About my art


Standing in front of an empty canvas still puts me off in tautness. My heart beats faster, my hands get wet – I‘m excited – excited about what will come and what will flow through me. I have a rough idea and fantasy and define colors by my mood and feelings, try to determine a aim – knowing, that it‘s the best to let it flow.

I start – and lose the feeling of space and time. It feels now like a wild ride with intense ups and downs. I try new things, follow my instincts and combined with my imagination, I am editing the canvas. I stop – I feel – I focus – I decide and give colors and forms enough time to “develop”. I continue this process, until I find the right composition, depth, contrast and harmony – a piece, which the energy, the mood embodies. It is like a birth, – a unique piece of me. After that process, which can last for several days or weeks, my work is so close to my heart, that it often takes some time until I‘m able to let it go. 


My aim is to reflect the uniqueness and magnificence of life. My hope is that the beholder sympathizes that and feel free to unhand and immerse into a multifaceted, abstract world  – and enjoy!




What inspires you?


Nature (for example the colors of the sky and clouds after a sunset), travel, fantasy and dreams. I have a lot of dreams in one night, and I remember most things when I wake up. I’m also inspired by animals, other art, the act of painting itself and Berlin.




Do you work in a studio?


Yes, I‘m working in a very calm and cozy studio in Berlin with a beautiful garden-view and great light for my creative outbreaks. That was a long way to this beautiful and spacious place. Before that I was working in my living room or also sometimes on the building site from my house, because there was no other place. The place you work can dictate so much. Besides the mood, there is also a climate, physical space or the lighting conditions. Work can be influenced in many ways by a simple change of environment.




How do you know when a work is finish?


There was a image circling on the social platforms some time ago about the stage of creativity …

 went something like this:


The Creative Process:


1. This is awesome


2. this is tricky


3. This is s**t


4. I‘am s**t


5. This might be okay 


6. This is awesome 


I can totally relate. Every piece has its’ own personal struggle and it‘s finished when you go trough the ups and downs. Sometimes it‘s a really hard to fight with self-doubt and anxiety, but the harder it is during the process, the more satisfying and successful it feels in the end. 




What kind of artist inspires you the most?


Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Emma Lindstrom and Amanda Krantz




What do you think about art?


Art is like love - it either touches your heart or not. That is all that counts.