My passion for painting started, the day I was old enough to pick up a brush. Growing up in a family of artists, art and painting were natural in my life. Since then, I have continuously expanded and improved my skills in this area. Additionally, in the last few years I have been working as a graphic and interior designer. Besides that, I deepened my love for ceramics and photography with several training courses and learning programs. Since 2015, I have been working full-time as an artist with the main focus on painting and I’m very grateful to work now in my own studio with a garden view in Berlin.



It always tempts me to express my creativity in various ways. Trough that, I gain many important experiences which I incorporate into my art that enables me to constantly develop and reinvent. I stay curious, open to any inspiration, and fascinated by many different materials. My paintings mostly based on acrylics and are the result of a long and ongoing experiment with different approaches and techniques. In several steps I edit the canvas, until I find the right composition, depth, contrast and harmony. The outcomes are multi-faceted, intense, vibrant, and energetic paintings, where you can see abstract shapes of nature, imaginative creatures, elements of underwater worlds, and fascinating galaxies. During the creative act, I follow my instincts, choose the colors intuitively, being mindful not to force anything and just let it flow. I lose the feeling of space and time. I‘m completely present at the moment, feeling related to everything and thereby creating a space for the unfolding of this peace-making connection that flows through me. Now I‘m able to manifest these energy in an explosion of colors and transfer them on the canvas, visible for the viewer, who can absorb and revive them. After that process, which can last for several days, weeks or months my work is so close to my heart that it takes some time until I‘m able to let it go.



No matter what you see in my artworks, it’s more important what you feel. Because that feeling, I believe, is a reply to the energy that radiates from the artwork. Part of the same energy flows through me when I create and cause exactly what I want to present with my work: a form of connection.

In a world where there is a sense of ostensible separation, there is an equally deep yearning for peace-making connection. Some of my findings about this longing for inner peace in its various forms of growth, ease and connectedness are reflected again and again in nature. Here everything is interrelated and has a reason to be without assessment. With my work I want to show the uniqueness of life, the energy surrounding us and especially, that every existing element is connected to each other. I would like to invite the viewer to perceive themselves as part of this whole and to remember through my paintings this peace-making connection.