My passion for painting started, since I was old enough to pick up a brush. Growing up in a family of artists, art and painting was natural in my life. Since then, I have constantly expanded and refined my techniques in this area. In the last years I additionally have been working as a graphic and interior designer. Besides that I deepened my love for ceramics and photography based on several training courses and learning programs, while working frequently in a ceramic workshop. I‘m fascinated by many different materials and it always tempts me to express my creativity in various ways. I realized that the best way to unfold my full potential is to work as an freelance artist, but it required some time and courage to consciously embrace that. So, I started this adventure in 2015 and now I‘m very thankful to work from my studio with garden-view in Berlin.





My work is mainly based on acrylics and is the result of a long and ongoing experiment with different techniques and materials. I like to try new things, let myself be inspired, stay curious and constantly reinvent myself and my art. The results are varied, multi-faceted and very intense paintings, where you can see abstract shapes and imaginative galaxies.


In my creative process, I lose the feeling of space and time. I follow my instinct and choose the colors intuitive. I have a rough idea, but I know that the best thing is to just let it flow. I editing the canvas, until I find the right composition, depth, contrast and harmony – until I have conveys the energy and emotion on the canvas, manifested in an explosion of colors, visible for the viewer, who can absorbed and revived it. After that process, which can last for several days or weeks, my work is so close to my heart, that it often takes some time until I‘m able to let it go. 


In recent years, I have been dealing with a deep yearning for inner peace in its multiple forms of growth, ease and connectedness. Some of my findings on this area are mirrored and exemplified again and again in Nature. There, I see and feel that everything is connected, that everything has a reason to be. This gives me a feeling of deep inner peace. In a world where it is hard to be calm and follow intuition, where there is a sense of ostensible separation, I would like to invite the viewer to perceive themselves as part of the whole. With my work, I want to show the uniqueness of life and the energy of the universe. I want to encourage the viewer to pause, to open up and to remember through my paintings this peace-making connection.



What inspires you?


Nature, animals, travel, fantasy and dreams. I have a lot of dreams in one night, and I remember most things when I wake up. I’m also inspired by music, other art, the act of painting itself and Berlin.



How do you know when a work is finish?


Every piece has its’ own personal struggle and it‘s finished when you go trough the ups and downs. Sometimes it‘s a really hard to fight with self-doubt and anxiety, but the harder it is during the process, the more satisfying and successful it feels in the end. 



What kind of artist inspires you the most?


Amanda Krantz, Julia Benz, Emma Lindstrom, Picasso, van Gough, Klimt and Monet



What do you think about art?


Art is like love: all that counts is, that it either touches your heart or not!