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"The best and hardest thing about the creative process and life is to give up the illusion of control and surrender completely.
Then the miracle happens..."

Linda Ashoff

For as long as I can remember, I spent every free minute painting or curiously exploring my environment, which often deeply touched me. As an adventurous free spirit and for my creative work, it's important to continue to embrace my weirdo, live out my inner child and to nourish my soul through new experiences, interactions with people and adventures in nature again and again. This can be very gratifying at times, as well as overwhelming. Through various activities, such as creative work, meditation, yoga and constant further education, I practice seeing myself as part of the whole, so that with an open heart full of love and trust I can not only gratefully surrender to life, but also celebrate it with all its ups and downs.

Painting and working with clay is of central importance. In addition to the grounding effect, it also acts as a catalyst in which I process the sensory impressions and at the same time empty all the energies that surround me and emotions that flow through me onto the canvas or into the clay. Today I know that my pronounced hypersensitivity allows me to perceive my surroundings more intensely and therefore connect with them more strongly. This gift, combined with my approach to life, allows me to create artworks that reflect this calming and peace-making fact that every existing element is interconnected.

That's why it always touches me deeply and makes me feel pure gratitude when I receive feedback at exhibitions, from private buyers, business customers or practice owners about how much my artworks positively change their surroundings. They report how enthusiastic their friends & customers are about the invigorating effect and how my paintings are used as target visualization in coaching sessions, which are mainly about trustingly connecting with everything and surrendering to life. These gifts truly fill my soul and are at the same time an encouragement to share my potential further into the world. From the bottom of my heart:

Thank you!

My artistic journey …

- 1984 -
First "studio" in Kindergarten ;-)

If you want to see more of the process …

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