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"The best and hardest thing about painting and life is to give up the illusion of control and surrender completely.
Then the miracle happens..."

Linda Ashoff

Hi, I am Linda, 

I'm originally from Bonn, and moved to Berlin six years ago. In the past, I have worked as a graphic and interior designer alongside art. I enjoyed both enormously and they benefited me greatly in my profession as a freelance artist. But I realised that my true passion lies in free and intuitive work, so I decided to focus on my painting.

For as long as I can remember, I spent every free minute painting, if I wasn't burying myself in a fanciful fairy tale world in my parents' garden at the time. This definitely explains my deep love for nature, which I can now live that out again in my big garden right in front of my studio, celebrating it with deep gratitude.

There were always just these two things, nature and painting, that moved my heart so much that I completely lost and found myself in them at the same time. This holistic oneness with nature and the joy that painting gives me has always meant everything to me and still does today. And if you look at my artworks, I think you will find exactly that in them: pure joy and deep connection.

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