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"Art can be one of the most intense ways to connect with your true self -
if you let go of the desire to understand it."

Linda Ashoff

Linda Ashoff is a Berlin-based artist with the main focus on abstract painting. Additionally, in the last few years she has been working as a graphic and interior designer. Growing up in a family of artists, painting was natural in her life and she has continuously expanded and deepended her skills in this area. She had several solo exhibitions in different locations, her work is represented in private collections and she had already successfully participated in many competitions such as the "Luxemburg Art Price", the „Residency Prize“ and the "Dean Collection". Her work is mainly based on acrylics and the result of a long and ongoing experiment with different techniques and materials. The outcomes are multi-faceted, vibrant and colorful paintings born out of love for nature and life.


"In a world where there is a sense of ostensible separation, there is an equally deep yearning for peace-making connection with your true self and with your surrounding. Some of my findings about this longing for inner peace in its various forms of unity, growth and easiness are reflected again and again in nature. Here everything is interrelated and has it's right to exist without assessment. With my work I want to show the uniqueness of life, the energy surrounding us and especially, that every existing element is connected to each other. I would like to invite the viewer to perceive themselves as part of this whole and to remember through my paintings this peace-making connection.“

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