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Linda Ashoff: The master of connectism

Even as a child, Linda Ashoff was a highly sensitive soul. Surrounded by the wild beauty of nature in the Siebengebirge and the creative atmosphere of her artist family, this influenced her further development. Her extraordinary perception of the world, shaped by intense sensory experiences, is processed in her painting.

A magical moment of clarity was to have a profound impact on her life and led her to choose art as her vocation. While meditating in a clearing surrounded by trees, where the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves revealed a symbiotic relationship between all the forces of nature, Linda experienced an all-encompassing sense of connection. This transcendent experience deeply inspired her and made her realize that it was her destiny to express this life-changing sense of all-oneness in her art. From then on, she began to let her intense impressions and deep feelings flow into her painting in order to make the unique connection she felt with the world around her visible to others.

Linda Ashoff lives and works in a studio surrounded by nature in the Berlin metropolitan region and has developed an unmistakable artistic style that she calls "Connectism". Her works in acrylic captivate through colorful, flowing forms and detailed designs that reflect the profound connectedness of all elements and radiate an effervescent life energy.

Linda Ashoff's art has gained national and international recognition. Her works are increasingly in demand and have caused a stir in the art scene. She has exhibited in prestigious galleries and her paintings have delighted art lovers in Germany and around the world. Linda also plans to make her art more accessible to an even wider international audience. Her aim is to inspire people with her art and to emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of life.

Linda Ashoff, abstract painter standing in front of two of her original artwork and is smiling

"In complete connection, I surrender to life, which inspires me through and through,
and create true artworks from this energy."

Linda Ashoff, abstract painter sitting in front of her original artwork and is painting

Thank you :-)

Linda Ashoff, abstract painter standing in front of her original artwork and is laughing into the camera

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"In my artistic work, I strive to capture the essential connectedness of all things and reveal it through my artwork. My creative process is a celebratory approach to life itself and its immeasurable beauty. As an artist, I’m inspired by the many facets of existence, the profound harmony and fascinating complexity that encompasses all-oneness.


By letting go of limiting thought patterns, I open myself up to a broader view of the world, making my art a medium of transformation. It’s not only a representation of the outer world, but also a mirror of inner reality, a window into the soul that invites the viewer to experience and appreciate life in all its fullness.


My mission is to create a space through my artwork where people can recognize and celebrate the connectedness with life. I want my viewers to feel not just as observers, but as an integral part of the cosmic fabric. By integrating visual metaphors and symbolic elements into my work, I invite deep reflection on the essence of being.


Each of my paintings is an act of devotion to the beauty and mystery of life. They are crafted with the intention of communicating the universal truth of all-oneness and awakening appreciation for the small, often overlooked wonders of everyday life. My artistic expression is thus an ongoing exploration of the connections that surround and permeate us all, a celebration of the oneness that exists in every form."

Linda Ashoff, abstract painter sitting in a garden in front of her acrylic artwork and is painting
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